Privacy policy

 Islamabad Properties is always known for its loyalty.  It never shares any sort of private information to any other third party or sells personal information on cash. To know more, please contact our Customer Support.

 What is appropriate:

 If you are looking forward to sell a house, then either contact one of our agents to assist you in selling your property. Else, submit all of the required personal information. Our quality assurance team will make sure of your authenticity, so make sure that you provide the most valid and up to date information. Similarly, if you are looking forward  to work as a property dealer, then you have to submit all the required personal information accordingly. Moreover, submit your scanned certification that government has provided you to work as an agent. Same applies for the builders to provide their certification and degree to work as a builder that should be issued by the government.

 What is not allowed?

 Any sort of breaching of the law or blackmailing can result in termination of your account and permanent ban and may face criminal charges. We do not support any sort of fake advertisement. If you are suspected of such  actions, your account wilol be banned completely.  Harassing or abusive language is not allowed in comment sections as well. When asked for personal details, please provide the most current and valid details, during authentication, if the details are not valid or assist any suspicion, your details will be rejected.

 Terms of services

 Our terms of Services are quite simple. We do not tolerate any misuse of our services that is forbidden by law. Any wrong use of personal information is also intolerable. Contact our Customer Support services if you any more questions regarding our terms of services 


  • Registration term and condition

 By accepting our terms and conditions, you agree to share your personal information and the laws and regulation that are developed to protect your personal information and others. These laws and regulations are developed in accordance of the laws are commanded by the government.

  • Cancellation policy

If cancellation of a deal or a project is to take place, it is necessary to inform well within 30% of duration of when the project will be initiated.

  • Refund policy

 If you are not satisfied with you see, then no worries at all! Contact our customer Support services and they will guide through the refund process. Please inform us within 7 days after deal or before the completion of transition takes place.

  • Search Property

Search apartments and houses with ease. Just enter the keywords of your requirements and you will be able to see the most precise details of what you are looking for. The filter option will help you in providing advance searches as well!

  • List Property

 Listing property is very necessary if you want your buyer to look in the right direction so that he can find your property on sale. List your property appropriately and you will see much more traffic on your website then before.

  • Post Requirement

If you are submitting a proposal, be precise about what you are looking for. Categorize your proposal accurately so you can get much better bids.

  • Advertise with us

If you are looking forward to advertise your product and services, please contact our technical support and they will assist you with the complete process.